TITANEX High-Tech HF Antennas -
The Revolution in Weight, Elasticity and Wind Load
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TITANEX is the first supplier of antennas in the world using Aluminum Titanium Alloy. Tubes of aluminum titanium alloy are harder than steel but as light as aluminum. Due to the superior characteristics of its alloy, TITANEX can offer extremely light weight, rugged antennas with low wind-load for the HF range. TITANEX antennas are revolutionary regarding weight, elasticity and wind load.

  • No lossy traps
  • Best efficiency
  • Full element length as optimum design
  • Simple and quick setup
  • Power handling 5kW and more
  • Thin Alu-Titan-Elements from 18mm to 80mm ø
  • Wall thickness 0.6 to 3mm
  • Massive but light boom-to-mast cross brackets
  • Boom-to-element cross brackets with large contact surface
  • Excellent, computer-aided design

TITANEX is specialized in Full Size Antenna Designs. We are back and concentrating on our strongest products - Log Periodics - Verticals - Beams.